Management training – developing your managerial abilities

Communication as a management task

Communication is central to management –  50 to 90 per cent of a manager’s work is communication. It is all the more important for managers to be able to act and react with skilful communication, especially in difficult situations such as appraisal meetings, the termination of employment contracts, or in conflict situations.

To ensure that your managerial staff are up to this communication challenge, our communication training is tailored to your needs and situations are simulated with the help of professional actors, all in line with the objectives you want to achieve.
Training participants learn through practical examples based on genuine case examples. Specific formulation aids, theoretical background knowledge and checklists provide support for applying the learned behaviour to real, everyday management situations.


  • Free initial discussion
  • Specification of training themes
  • Clarification of the scope of further training
  • Specification of the learning criteria
  • Definition of the performance indicators
  • Production of training documents and handouts
  • Carrying out training sessions, with actors where required
  • Transfer: training session – practical experience on site – training session
  • Exchange of experience relating to implementation
  • Evaluation on the basis of questionnaires
  • Obtaining and evaluating feedback
  • Indication of possibilities for optimisation and on-the-job support
  • The planning of measures and support for their implementation where required
  • Implementing measures with the appropriate form of intervention


  • Pedagogical validation: checking against learning objectives
  • Forecast of future successes and the effects of measures
  • Optimisation of existing procedures and processes
  • Increasing your own management skills


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