Are the roles in your team correctly allocated?

Teams with a high ability to perform are distinguished by the fact that the individual strengths within them are used effectively.

Using our weMatchTeam tool you can better recognise and promote the variety of strengths of your team members. Leadership, team spirit and open communication enables a team to achieve the best possible outcome in any situation.

Do you know where team roles are bunched, and where there are gaps?
Is your management style focused on strengths?
Does the team make the most of its potential, and is it continually developing?


  • Free initial discussion
  • Themes: expectations, requirements, objectives, procedure and deadlines
  • Online test
  • The team leader and team members log on at www.wematch.ch, and the individual members then complete the online questionnaire
  • 30-minute in-brief coaching session for the team leader
  • Interpretation of the team results and discussion of appropriate content for team development and leadership
  • Recommended: a subsequent 1-day workshop with all team members
  • Drafting of a written, binding conclusion
  • Contents: findings, essential themes, recommendation and further action
  • Option: build on this with management coaching and further team workshops


  • You see clearly, at a glance, the distribution of the strengths in your team.
  • You know where and how to apply leverage; any gaps can be seen clearly.
  • Team performance is increased.
  • The satisfaction of team members grows.


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