Successful teams through coaching.

Moving your team forward.

“A successful team is more than the sum of its parts” is the briefest, most accurate definition of a well-functioning team. What factors are crucial to ensuring that a team develops in this way? What contributes to good team spirit?

Our coaches advise teams on personality and task-related aspects. During a team coaching session visions are developed, task orientation and participation are encouraged and openness to innovation and its implementation are strengthened. A team coaching session is recommended for the development of communication within the team, the provision of decision-making support and the strengthening of team identity.
Possible content, which may be adapted to suit customers’ requirements, includes:

  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Team identity
  • Conflict handling
  • Role clarification
  • Self-image and perceptions of others
  • Feedback
  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • Development processes
  • Methodical procedure
  • Integration of new team members


  • Free initial discussion
  • Themes: expectations, requirements, objectives, procedure and deadlines
  • Initial talk with the team leader or project manager
  • Themes: definition of objectives, identification of the actual situation, activity analysis
  • Up to six coaching meetings with the whole team
  • Themes: reflection, evaluation of the activity analysis, expansion of individual freedom of action, optimisation and implementation in practice
  • Situation analysis and examination of the objectives halfway through the team coaching sessions
  • Evaluation of attainment of objectives at the end of the team coaching programme
  • The interval between the meetings is generally two to three weeks
  • Drafting of a report with conclusion
  • Contents: findings, the most important themes, recommendations and further action


  • Improving individuals’ capacity for effective team work
  • Improving the team’s communication and information flows
  • Promoting the feeling of togetherness
  • Resolving conflicts


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