Coaching for management.

We bring you on

The kings of old were well aware of the risk of isolation in their leadership role. They employed their own personal coaches, the “court jesters”. These jesters enabled the kings to observe themselves from a distance and pull down the shiny mask momentarily.

It is a fact that without genuine feedback on one’s own behaviour, no-one can develop their capabilities further. Yet managers often lack this substantiated feedback, or any kind of specific advice.
As professional coaches, we are not only good listeners capable of giving competent, independent and solution-oriented feedback, but we also confront you as manager with your own behaviour – as a basis and prerequisite for positive development.
The content is individually adapted to your needs and defined as part of the definition of objectives in the first coaching meeting. Possible content includes:

  • Management support
  • Work-life balance
  • Organisational support
  • Conflict handling
  • Role clarification
  • Self-image and perceptions of others
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-reflection
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Methodical procedure
  • Development processes



  • Free initial discussion
  • Themes: expectations, needs, objectives, procedures and time scheduling
  • Initial coaching meeting: definition of objectives, identification of the current situation, activity analysis
  • Subsequent coaching meetings: reflection, evaluation of the activity analysis, expansion of individual freedom of action, optimisation and implementation in practice
  • 5th coaching meeting: situation analysis and examination of the objectives
  • 10th coaching meeting: evaluation of attainment of objectives
  • The interval between the meetings is generally two to three weeks
  • Drafting of a report with conclusion
  • Contents: findings, the most important themes, recommendations and further action


  • Expanding individual management skills
  • Working in future with efficient self-management and time management
  • Increased awareness of the work-life balance
  • Thorough familiarisation with management instruments



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