Career advice – onward to new objectives.

Finding the right way for you

Are you not fully satisfied with your current situation and looking for a change? Whether returning to work, starting anew or changing jobs, a search for the right post starts with the following questions: What can I do? What do I want? What opportunities do I have on the employment market?

The support for the answering of these questions and for overcoming obstacles is aimed mainly at managers, such as line managers, staff managers or project managers.
You are given full support in realising your own project, with the focus always on your personal development.


  • Free initial discussion
  • Drawing up questions
  • Definition of the type and scope of the advice
  • Drawing up individual advice plans
  • Decision-making advice: general situation analysis, representation of your career development, establishing the actual and target situations and pointing out obstacles
  • Analysis of potential: completing a personality or performance profile, individual assessment
  • Action plan: application documents, job search strategy, self-presentation techniques and further education
  • Crisis counselling: mobbing advice, self-confidence training, stress management strategies and conflict management
  • Support, coaching and follow-up assistance
  • Failure analysis, career planning


  • Reflecting on your personal situation and getting to know your own opportunities and limits
  • Receiving support: having the courage to implement the right, substantiated changes
  • Identification of the desired situation
  • Developing your own potential in a targeted way


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