Optimised workplaces

Optimisation of the point of work.

Has your company grown in recent years? Do your employees feel too many demands are being placed on them? In both of these cases the structures and procedures may not be ideally aligned to the requirements.

Workplace optimisation starts with an analysis of the requirements: Working structures and processes are systematically recognised and evaluated; these include working conditions, performance specifications, the necessary qualifications and the post holder as a person. On-site inspections, talks with the person in question, other employees and their line managers are all included to give a comprehensive view.

A comparison of the actual and target situations is used as the basis for future action, and support is provided for the implementation. The possible content of workplace optimisation includes:

  • Assessment of the workplace
  • Occupational safety
  • The corporate culture
  • Checking the full-time equivalent distribution
  • Health in the workplace
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Management tasks


  • Free initial discussion
  • Needs-oriented analysis: systematic examination of the working structures and processes; review of records
  • On-site inspection, talks with employees and their line managers
  • Obtaining and evaluating data: interviews, questionnaires, job descriptions and/or log books with individual entries in diary form concerning work done
  • Statistical evaluation of the data
  • Evaluation of data obtained and observations made
  • Presentation and joint discussion of results
  • Production of a report
  • Advice on specific optimisation options
  • The planning of measures and support for their implementation where required
  • Implementing measures with the appropriate form of intervention
  • Checking implementation using the performance indicators


  • Removing duplications of effort
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Designing the workplace more ergonomically


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