Change management – continuous development of the organisation

We support you through changes.

Organisational development is a supported, managed change process for an organisation and the people who work within it.

We can give you valuable support and advice, if you are...

...introducing a new management strategy.
...seeking to reorient your organisation in relation to its customer sectors.
...setting new visions and objectives.
...implementing a reorganisation.
...optimising your workplaces.
...checking the usefulness of a measure.

We evaluate your current situation and define the stages necessary to get your company fit for the future. We organise and manage for you the process for developing and ensuring higher-quality structures, processes and results.
Our inputs and measures increase your company’s  readiness to implement innovations. At the same time they promote the participation and task orientation of both teams and individual employees.



  • Free initial discussion
  • Determining the exact company situation by means of discussions, market analyses and review of records
  • Drawing up interview guidelines
  • Carrying out semi-structured interviews
  • Evaluating the data obtained
  • Evaluation and interpretation
  • Presentation of the results and drafting of a report
  • Advice on specific optimisation options
  • The planning of measures and support for their implementation where required
  • Implementing measures with the appropriate form of intervention
  • Checking the implementation on the basis of the performance indicators


  • Designing work processes and information flows to ensure transparency
  • Specifying strategies and long-term objectives
  • Increasing employees’ identification with the organisation
  • Ensuring a clear distribution of functions and skills


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