Advice on the ageing workforce

Staff are getting older – what is your strategy?

The coming decades will bring marked demographic changes. The average age of the economically-active population is constantly increasing, and this will have a serious effect on the employment market and your company. In order to meet this challenge successfully, your company has to reconsider its recruitment and staffing policies now.

  • Do you know how the ageing society will affect the demography of your company?
  • Do you know how you can increase the success of your company by using the skills of older employees to your competitive advantage?
  • Did you know that there are some skills which continue to improve noticeably into old age?

There is a tailor-made solution for a successful “Ageing workforce strategy” for your company.


  • Free initial discussion
  • Analysis of the company situation
  • Holding of partially or fully structured interviews
  • Market analysis and case studies
  • Evaluation of the data
  • Evaluation of data obtained and observations made
  • Presentation and joint discussion of results
  • Discussion of the situation and perspectives relating to the ageing workforce
  • Production of a report
  • Advice on specific optimisation options
  • The planning of measures and support for their implementation where required
  • Implementing measures with the appropriate form of intervention
  • Checking implementation using the performance indicators


  • Recognising the opportunities and the risks of demographic change for your company
  • Employing older people in the right way
  • Promoting opportunities in the employment market
  • Recognising and using the potential of employee age variety


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