Support for staff selection

We work actively for your HRM.

Think how much appointing the wrong person could cost your company. For management/leadership positions this is usually a six-figure amount.

By using our carefully-arranged individual or group assessments you can substantially reduce the risk of appointing the wrong person. Areas such as management, social and personal skills, as well as the applicant’s personality are assessed using a wide-ranging set of instruments that have been proven in practice.

Our assessment of potential focuses either on the selection and reassignment/new placement of applicants, or targeted career planning and longer-term estimation of the potential for development of existing employees.

Evaluation of assessments

Depending on the questions to be asked and the number of dimensions it is intended to cover, we will carry out a half-day or whole-day assessment for you. The evaluation is made by qualified psychologists and is based on a proven set of instruments, with a variety of methods being used:

  • Scientific/psychological tests
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Presentations
  • Video evaluations
  • Role-play
  • Computer simulation
  • Online assessments


  • Function-specific requirements profile
  • Carrying out assessments and evaluating them using proven instruments
  • Self-assessment by the candidate
  • Multiple-page report with conclusion, recommendation and personality profile
  • Showing benefits and deficits by comparison with the requirements profile
  • Discussion of the report
  • Advice on specific optimisation options


  • Receive an objective, differentiated picture of the candidate
  • May reduce the risk of appointing the wrong person
  • Create a substantiated basis for your HR management/staff development, staff planning and staffing decisions
  • Gain insights into how participants can best be managed and supported


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