Our team

Urs Tschanz - Diacova AG - Bern

Dr. Urs Tschanz

Managing Director DIACOVA AG

PhD in Psychology

Specialisms: Management Coaching, Change Management, Surveys, Training, Assessment, Quality Management, Team Building

Claudia Buol - Diacova AG - Bern

Claudia Buol


Lic. phil. in Psychology / SVEB

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching, Change Management, Team Building, Training

Caroline Christen - Diacova AG - Bern

Caroline Christen


Lic. phil. in Psychology / SVEB

NDS Career Advice and Competence Management

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching, Career Advice, Training

Manel Boulfernane

M.Sc. in Psychology

Spezialgebiete: Assessment, Coaching, Training

Nina Oehler 1 - Diacova AG - Bern

Nina Oehler

M.Sc. in Psychology / SVEB

CAS Coaching

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching, Training

Franziska Steiner - Diacova AG - Bern

Franziska Steiner

Lic. phil. in psychology / SVEB

Specialisms: Assessment, Surveys, Coaching, Career Advice, Training

Sophia Vögtli 1 - Diacova AG - Bern

Sophia Vögtli

B.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching

Sedat Koka

Cand. B. Sc. Business Administration

Specialisms: Assessment, Surveys, Project Administration, Public Relations

Jeremy Glaus

Commercial professional maturity

Specialisms: Project Administration, Public Relations

Daniel Burkard - Diacova AG - Bern

Daniel Burkhard

lic.rer.pol, Studies in Business

Administration with focus on HR and Marketing

Postgraduate Studies in Human Resources (SNP)

Specialisms: Assessment, Change Management

Andreas Hieronymi

Dr. lic. phil. in Psychology

dipl. Coach SCA

Specialisms: Assessment, Training

Lisa Hofer - Diacova AG - Bern

Lisa Hofer

M.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Michael Rüegg - Diacova AG - Bern

Michael Rüegg

 M.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Sabine Sauter

M.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Roland Schaad

Lic. phil. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching, Change Management, Training

Isabelle Schmid - Diacova AG - Bern

Isabelle Schmid

M.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Tobias Schmid - Diacova AG - Bern

Tobias Schmid

B.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Daniel Thomet - Diacova AG - Bern

Daniel Thomet

CAS Work and Organisation psychology

Business Economist SWIS
Postgraduate Studies in Human Resources (SNP)

Specialisms: Assessment, Change Management, Coaching, Training

Peter Vögeli 2 - Diacova AG - Bern

Peter Vögeli

Consultant SGIPA/FSB

CAS Clarification support in conflicts


Specialisms: Coaching, Mediation, Team Building, Training

Stephanie Zimmermann 1 - Diacova AG - Bern

Stephanie Zimmermann

 B.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Luca Giani

B.Sc. in Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment, Coaching, Training

Norina Maissen

B.Sc. Psychology

Specialisms: Assessment

Christine Eggenberg

CAS Education Management

NDS Business Administration and Management
vocational school teacher

Specialisms: Training, Assessment