Our online Team Role Analysis: weMatch!

Go directly to the test: www.wematch.ch (only available in german thus far)

Do you know the strengths of your team? Do you know which employees are your first choice to come up with ideas for that innovative project? Who is best to get the team climate back on track? And who you can rely on to organise a major event?

weMatchTeam is online! The strengths of the individual team members are determined and form the basis for optimising the performance of the team as a whole. Completing the test takes around 15 minutes.

At a glance, weMatchTeam gives you as team leader a clear overview of the distribution of your team’s strengths. Each of your team members will also receive a multiple-page summary of their role in the team. And all this at a fair price, on a sliding scale for different team sizes from 2 to 21 people. All the details about carrying out the test can be seen on the ‘weMatch team’ page at www.weMatch.ch.

You can go through the whole process together with your team online – from questionnaires to viewing the results. The set price also includes a brief evaluation discussion.
Would you like to ensure the sustainability of the results obtained? We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and objectives, in a non-binding preliminary talk, advise you on the correct way forward, and, together with you, use this to shape the team development strategy or a coaching programme for a future based on these strengths. Give us a call!