DIACOVA – our good name

What our customers say:

“I find DIACOVA a reliable partner, because they represent the interests of the company, even if this can lead to resistance from those involved. They consider it important to check their own work continually – not only the conduct of their coaches, but also the development of the employees in question.”
Thomas Baur, PostMail Deliveries Manager, Swiss Post, Bern.

“What makes DIACOVA special is its individual approach – it does not offer one-size-fits-all products, but solutions that are tailor-made for each individual situation. As staff and organisational development manager I value the opportunity to develop and implement solutions jointly – in this way internal and external viewpoints complement each other perfectly.”
Waldemir Burgener, Staff and Organisational Development Manager, Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), Bern.

“We have come to value the specialist skills of the DIACOVA employees, based on a broad, deep-seated university education. The multilingual nature of the services is also important to us – and they give excellent value for money.”
Peter Stoffel, Training Development Expert, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, Bern.

“We value the customer-oriented, flexible approach, as well as the professionalism, based on well-founded specialist expertise and many years’ experience.”
Daniel Burkhard, Leiter HRM+Marketing, BDO AG, Solothurn.

“The development of professional and business perspectives can be compared to a tightrope that has to be kept at the right tension. DIACOVA is an expert in maintaining the tension, offers professional advice on walking the tightrope and keeps the wider view in mind, essential for safety.”
Markus Spalinger, General Manager, Lerchenbühl Foundation, Burgdorf.

“One thing I like about DIACOVA is their great ability to adapt – the emphasis is on the effect sought; the way to reach it may be shorter or longer, sometimes more difficult, sometimes easier.”
Hans Gurtner, Transfers Manager/Deputy REMA Project Manager, Swiss Post, Bern.